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Rev. Deborah Lee

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Since 2009, Rev. Deborah Lee has been part of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, and in 2018, she assumed the role of Executive Director. With over 30 years dedicated to the intersection of faith and social justice, Rev. Deborah Lee brings expertise in various realms, including popular education, community organizing, and advocacy. Her commitment is evident in her multifaceted engagement with issues such as race, gender, economic justice, anti-militarism, LGBTQ inclusion, and immigrant rights and abolition.

Under Rev. Lee’s leadership, the organization has doubled in both size and impact, achieving remarkable growth. Accomplishments range from closing detention centers and preventing deportations to responding to the needs of arriving immigrant youth and families. They’ve also established Sanctuary congregations and initiated efforts to divest from prisons and other carceral systems of harm, investing instead in thriving and healthy communities. The organization envisions a world without harm, advocating for a world where every person is considered sacred across bars and borders.

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