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The film is subtitled in Arabic, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


Where Olive Trees Weep offers a searing window into the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation. It explores themes of loss, trauma, and the quest for justice.

We follow, among others, Palestinian journalist and therapist Ashira Darwish, grassroots activist Ahed Tamimi, and Israeli journalist Amira Hass. We also witness Dr. Gabor Maté offer trauma-healing work to a group of women who were tortured in Israeli prisons.

Ancient landscapes bear deep scars, having witnessed the brutal reality of ancestral land confiscation, expulsions, imprisonment, home demolitions, water deprivation, and denial of basic human rights. Yet, through the veil of oppression, we catch a glimpse of resilience—deep roots that have carried the Palestinian people through decades of darkness and shattered lives.

This emotional journey bares the humanity of the oppressed while grappling with the question: what makes the oppressor so ruthlessly blind to its own cruelty?

the complete collection

Conversations on Palestine

We created a program with leading historians, spiritual teachers, trauma therapists, poets and performers to complement the themes explored in the film and provide a larger historical, cultural and social context to the plight of the Palestinian people.

The collection includes

  • 48-hour access to the film
  • 2-year access to the items below
  • 23 conversations on Palestine with leading historians, spiritual teachers, trauma therapists, poets and performers
  • 4 extended interviews with film characters
  • Recording of the Oakland Q&A with Dr. Gabor Maté and Ashira Darwish
  • A film discussion guide
  • 6 SAND community conversations on Palestine




  • Ashira Darwish

  • Dr. Gabor Maté

  • Angela Davis, PhD

  • V

  • Tara Brach, PhD

  • Haneen Sabbah

  • Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

  • Zaya Benazzo

  • Maurizio Benazzo

  • Laila El-Haddad

  • Dr. Rupa Marya

  • Mariam Barghouti

  • Sami Awad

  • Farah El-Sharif, PhD

  • Haidar Eid

  • Rana Nazzal Hamadeh

  • Daniel Foor, PhD

  • Sherene Seikaly, PhD

  • Tareq Hajjaj

  • Mohammad Bakri

  • Ayesha Kajee

  • Shahd Abusalama, PhD

  • Farah Siraj

  • Faith Gay

  • Clara Khoury

  • Ussama Makdisi, PhD

  • Jonathan Brenneman

  • Rev. Michael Yoshii

  • Iyad Abu Ruk

  • Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

  • Umaymah Mohammad

  • Nancy Mansour

  • Farah Chamma

  • Lara Elborno

  • Rev. Deborah Lee

  • Nathan Thrall

  • Michael McBride

  • Rae Abileah

  • Baha Hilo

  • Omar Dajani

  • Dr. Mohammed Tahir

  • Shadi Zaqtan

  • Norman Finkelstein, PhD

  • Daniel Maté

  • meital yaniv

  • Huwaida Arraf

  • Gail Brenner, PhD

  • Mays Imad, PhD

  • Robert Inlakesh

  • Neta Golan

  • Ilan Pappé, PhD

  • Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart

  • Adel Iskandar

  • Pir Zia Inayat Khan, PhD

  • Maysa Daw

  • Seemi Bushra Ghazi

  • Omar Haramy

  • Dareen Tatour

  • Adéyínká Mendes

  • Bayo Akomolafe, PhD

Your contribution supports planting olive trees in Palestine, humanitarian aid in Gaza and trauma healing in Palestinian communities. It also helps us bring the movie to larger audiences and broaden the understanding of the situation in Palestine, along with the cycles of trauma that perpetuate it.


Where Olive Trees Weep

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